The staff at WagVille®

Our caring, professional staff are all certified in CPR for pets. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program to be able to recognize dog behavior and to care for your dog in the best way possible. Each staff member will get to know your whole dog inside and out by reading and memorizing the information you share with us regarding your dog as well as our own observations





Has loved and worked with dogs her whole life. She lives with several companion dogs. Over the years she has rescued dogs that had such extreme fear agression that several trainers told her they should be euthanized. Julie disagreed and went on to learn about training this type of dog agression in depth; those dogs became happy, healthy members of society. She has also rescued dogs with various health problems and was able to help them overcome issues by working with holistic vets. She reads voraciously about dog nutrition and health and attends several holistic pet seminars and lectures a year.



Is your morning manager during the week. She has years of traditional kennel experience and knows a great deal about dogs and holistic therapies. She is also our usual bedroom companion, and she looooves snuggling with our dogs!



Is one of our amazing managers. She has been at WagVille® for quite some time, and knows and loves each of your dogs as though they were her own.




Alex has worked with dogs and at WagVille for years. He enjoys taking his own dogs out for hikes and bike rides and is madly in love with every dog who comes to WagVille (well, really every dog everywhere, but the ones here get his special attention).



Jacob is one of our experienced managers. He loves your dogs so much!